Qcell Ltd


QCell’s data bundle service also known as ‘Sunu Bundle’ offers affordable internet plans. Now you can take control of your data usage by selecting any one of our bundles that suits you. With our Sunu Bundle service, you can buy data bundle packages for yourself and for others.

We have a wide range of data bundles which accommodate both heavy and occasional users of the internet. Now if you are a heavy user and think the bundle is not sufficient for you, then you don’t need to worry, simply use the ‘Pay as you go’ option and access internet anywhere, anytime.

Both profiles assure high speeds at affordable rates. Sunu Bundle is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


Package                                                              Price

20MB                                                                   D9

40MB                                                                   D18

80MB                                                                   D31

150MB                                                                 D58

300MB                                                                 D112

750MB                                                                 D182

1.5GB                                                                   D262

3GB                                                                      D580

5GB                                                                      D775

8GB                                                                      D975

10GB                                                                    D1,310

13GB                                                                    D1,630