Qcell Ltd


Staff Information

Our key objective as a GSM Company is to lead our country into the information age and this requires having a cadre of innovative and dedicated professionals who share the same perspective for the development of our country.

Being a service company means that our employees are at the very core of everything we do and we have an undivided focus towards their total satisfaction. Our core values include hard work, discipline and respect and we autograph our work with a high degree of professionalism and excellence.

We have a creative driven entrepreneurial culture that is leading the telecommunications industry. If you want to work in an inclusive, fast paced environment where we encourage people to leverage their talents, speak their voice and actively shape the future of the company, you will enjoy working here. Looking for more perks? We ‘ve got you covered.

Staff Benefits

Medical Scheme

Our staff's health is our concern. We provide medical insurance and care to our staff

Staff Development

We offer continuous development programs and training opportunities to our staff to improve their skills and knowledge for professional growth

Staff Awards

Our staff are giving awards annually to recognize their hard work and discipline.

Staff Transportation

We facilitate transportation for our staff. Pick ups from the nearest point of your home and drops offs.

Catered Lunch

We provide lunch for all of our staffs daily

Staff CUG

Communication is key to our work process. Our staff are provide CUG service for effective communication

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