Qcell Ltd


QCell is the biggest private sector stakeholder in the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) submarine fibre optic cable in The Gambia. Connecting 21 countries from France to South Africa, The Gambia is served for the first time by a high bandwidth international cable system that benefits from state-of-the-art submarine technology designed to provide 5.12Tbps.

You must be asking- how does this change anything in The Gambia? Where does QCell come in? Take a look at it this way- before now; QCell had a bandwidth of 155Mbps (highest private sector bandwidth). Now, QCell has 10times that bandwidth, offering 1550Mpbs or 1.55GBps, about a third of total bandwidth capacity of The Gambia. All other stakeholders and ISPs share the remaining two thirds, which gives QCell a clear edge over the competition and makes us your choice.