Qcell Ltd

Customer Care Centers and Contact

Our dedicated call center representatives are available from 8 am to 12 midnight daily to receive your inquiries complaint and attend to your basic service needs. Dial 111 from a QCell line or +220 333 3222 /if calling from outside the country.

         LOCATION                                        NUMBER

  • Airport                                              333 3400
  • Amdalie                                             333 3412
  • Baajaa Kunda                                   333 3418
  • Bakau                                                 333 3401
  • Banjul                                                 333 3402
  • Bansang                                             333 3410
  • Basse                                                 333 3404
  • Brikama                                             333 3405
  • Brikama (2)                                        333 3426
  • Brikama Baa                                      333 3419
  • Brusubi                                              333 3406
  • Bwiam                                                 333 3413
  • Farafenni                                           333 3408
  • Gambisara                                          333 3416
  • Garawol                                               333 3417
  • Gunjur                                                  333 3411
  • Latrikunda                                        333 3407
  • Senegambia                                     333 3409
  • Soma                                                   333 3414
  • Wassu                                                  333 3415
  • SerreKunda                                       333 3420
  • Old Yundum                                      333 3423
  • Tanji                                                     333 3425
  • Kaur                                                    333 3424

Frequently Asked Questions

Help & FAQ

For all your queries, below are most frequently ask questions

Dial *101# or call 101 for Credit - Bonus & Data Bundle Enquiry.

Dial *303# and Reply 1. Choose from the wide range of bundles available starting from 20MB to 13GB

QCell has both prepaid and postpaid broadband data plans ranging from 1Mbps to 5Mbps.

Yes! Unlimited Data for 30 days with our broadband & ISP plans. Call 111 for more info.

Kindly click the link www.apply.qcell.gm and follow the instructions. All the best

QCell has the Dongle, Mifi Router, Indoor CPE Router and many more devices. Please call 111 for more information

Yes! Absolutely with the QCell Sim Card you can go Global. Call customer care to verify that your line is activated for roaming.

Is a unique Sim Card that is only meant for internet subscription, browse the internet without interruption.

  • Wah Beh Tass (Get unlimited calls & SMS when you consume D100+ credit in 24hr)
  • Free Night Browsing (Get unlimited internet access from 12am - 6am for 30days when you recharge D500+ credit)
  • Happy Time (Enjoy 50% discount on all calls from 6am to 10am everyday)
  • Data Reduction (Get 50% data discount from 1am to 9am everyday)


You need to have a 5G enabled device and an activated 5G sim card, to have 5G service on your sim card. Please visit the nearest QCELL Customer Care Office to request for 5G activation and sign the User Acceptance Form for 5G.

No, you do not need to change your sim card. However, you will need to activate 5G on your sim card because 5G is not activated by default. Please visit the nearest QCell Customer Care Office to request for 5G activation and sign the user acceptance form for 5G.

QCell is offering 5G Fixed Services for institutions and homes using CPEs or Mifi devices. Please visit the nearest QCell Customer Care Office to apply for this service. Your location will need to surveyed to confirm coverage.
QCell is also offering 5G Mobile services on your normal voice sim card but the service is not activated by default. You will need to request for 5G activation and sign the User Acceptance Form at any QCell Customer Care Outlet.

Most vendor devices have locked their devices by default and open them by country, as operators roll out 5G. QCell has been working with many vendors to open up Gambia and so far vendors such as Apple, Huawei, Techno have been confirmed to support the QCell 5G network. To confirm if your device has 5G unlocked for Gambia region, kindly call 111 or visit the nearest QCell Customer Care Office.

With 5G, your download speeds increase up to 100 times more than 4G so this will result in your packages finishing in a much shorter time frame. Eg 1GB can be downloaded in as little as 8 secs so that means if you have a 5GB bundle, you can exhaust it in under 1 minute!
Also, most applications such as You tube will automatically detect the speed of your connection and therefore give you a HD (high definition) version of the video you are watching, and this will result in more data consumption than for another person watching the same video on a 3G connection.