other services

QCell also offers its customers with a wide range of services.


Get up to the minute updates of your favorite teams in local leagues and international competitions. Send your teams name to 411 to get their latest updates

Send your team’s name to 511. to be subscribed to get real time game results for the whole month.


QCell’s horoscope service gives you your general horoscopes and your love horoscopes for the day, week and month.

See the table below to know how:

Procedure                                                                            Description

Send ‘Sign’ to 466                                   This gives you the horoscope of the given sign for the day

Send ‘Sign’ weekly to 466                      This gives you the horoscope of the given sign for the week

Send ‘Sign’ monthly to 466                    This gives you the horoscope of the given sign for the month


Imagine live exchange rate conversion on your mobile! Convenient right?

QCell’s QCurrency gives you accurate exchange rates of the major trading currencies around the globe. Details of the exchange rate comes to your mobile via SMS once you request using the below format.

To check buying and selling exchange rates of all major currencies, Send ‘Curr’ to 422 via SMS

To check a specific currency’s equivalence in Dalasis, Send ‘Currency or Country name’ to 422.

For Example, GBP Britain and send to 422 via SMS

To convert a specific amount (foreign currency) to Gambian Dalasi, Send ‘Currency name’ space ‘amount’ to 422

To know the name of a country’s currency and its unit exchange to Gambian Dalasi, Send ‘Country’s name’ to 422

To calculate exchange rate from one currency to another, for example US Dollars to Great Britain Pound Sterling, Send ‘CurrencyA’: ‘CurrencyB’ to 422. For example USD:GBP to 422


QCell’s QBantaba SMS Chat is the fastest and cheapest way to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can chat in the public rooms or create your own private chat room. Each message costs only D0.05. It is cheaper than communicating via regular text messages. Just send “join” to 555 and begin chatting right away!

Other useful commands of QBantaba

Create a nickname to be identified with. Send ‘nick preferred name’ to 555 (E.g. Nick Alex)

Send “CR ‘room’s name’’ (e.g. CR WaaBanjul) to 555

Send “INV ‘nickname’ or phone number’’ to 555; this invites the person to your private room. Alternatively, you can invite multiple by comma (,) between nicknames or phone numbers.

Send ‘PM nickname ‘message’ to 555; this enables you to send a private message to someone in a room.

Send ‘who’ to 555 for a list people in a particular room

QRamadan & QPrayer

With our QRamadan and QPrayer services, you will get prayer and fasting time alerts on your phone via SMS.

To get monthly alerts for fasting start & end times, simply Send Ramadan or Fast to 332 for only D15 per month.

For prayer time alerts, send ‘Prayer or Salat’ to 331 for only D15

To gift someone the service, send the person’s phone number to 331 for QPrayers or to 332 for QRamadan.

For instant request, send Prayer or Ramadan to 330 for only D1.

Call Customer Care on 111 for more information.

Call Me Back Service

Just what if you totally run out of credit, out of cash and you’ve already used up your eFankanta credit? Well, you don’t have to panic because QCell’s CALL ME BACK Service enables you to send a message to someone asking them to call you back- even when you have D0.00 in your account.

Procedure: Dial *444*3xxxxxx#

Example: *444*3456789#