On Tuesday 9th October 2018, the QGroup donated 1 million dalasis in support of the traders affected by the fire outbreak at the Brikama Market. Muhammed Jah stated that, “This is not an act of charity, Charity is best given to the neediest and poorest in our society and that you are not. This is an act of honour”. The QGroup takes seriously its Corporate Social Responsibility and believes especially in supporting individuals and people who work hard to provide for themselves and their families and also to be a more productive workforce which endeavors to make the Gambia a better nation.

On Wednesday 3rd October, 2018 the residents of Brikama were devastated when a fire outbreak at the Brikama Market consumed 35 canteens. Some of the traders whose canteens were razed to the ground lamented the loss of life savings and stock worth up to half a million dalasis. The Brikama Area Council Chairman, Mr Sheriff Sonko, expressed his gratitude to the QGroup for the precedent they have set and the initiative they have taken. Mr. Bakary Sanyang, the Governor of the West Coast region thanked the QGroup and urged Gambians to help these traders get back on their feet. He stated, “This is the Gambia we know: a Gambia where we stand by people who need help”.

Therefore, the QGroup is issuing a call to all to lend a helping hand to the traders who lost their properties and life savings in the blaze by donating to such a worthy cause. The QGroup has set a target of 5 million dalasis to be raised over the next 2 weeks and gave the first 1 million dalasis. All funds can be deposited in the Brikama Market Fire Disaster Relief Fund account at any AGIB branch. The account number is 003101010102219283. A little help goes a long way.