QGroup’s Qodoo Rolls Out New Bank Linking Service

In line with our commitment to do the right things, in the right way and to continue being the pride of the nation, Qodoo launched a new financial service dubbed B-LINK on Wednesday 26th September, 2018 with its first partner, the Agib Bank. The service enables individuals to link their bank accounts to their Qodoo mobile wallets and to easily and seamlessly transfer funds from their bank accounts into their mWallets and vice versa. This not only allows customers access to their funds 24/7 but also decreases the burden of frequent visits to the bank to withdraw or deposit cash.

As the world is increasingly becoming a cashless society, Qodoo is doubling its efforts to ensure that Gambians and all residents of the Gambia are not left behind. Muhammed Jah, the Group’s CEO, stated that Telco’s are part of the wave of new technological innovations that are widening the digital ecosystem. By partnering with banks, insurance providersand other financial players Telco’s are providing mobile money services to more than a billion unbanked people worldwide. These services go beyond simple deposits and withdrawals and facilitate the storing, spending, borrowing, protecting and general management of hard earned incomes.

Sirra Ndow highlighted the large industry that mobile money has become and further emphasized the need for such a service within the Gambia and asserted that the Company’s relative infancy has not prevented it from generating huge waves in the nation as the country’s leading mobile money service provider.

To access the service, a customer is required to go through a one-time security process to add, verify and link their bank account to their Qodoo account by dialing *323#. The B-Link service, like all our other range of services is also easily accessible via our Qodoo Mobile Money App which can be downloaded from Google Playstore or iTunes.