On Monday 24th September, 2018 The Gambia’s QTV partnered with the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation in order to broadcast the BBC’s Focus on Africa in The Gambia. The iconic television news programme will be aired week days at 5.30pm.

Presented by some of the most recognized names in African journalism, including Sophie Ikenye, Peter Okwocheand Nancy Kacungira Focus on Africa now brings viewers in the Gambia the biggest news stories from the continent Viewers can watch the programme on weekdays at 1730 GMT and 2130 GMT (2030 on Fridays).

In her presentation at the launching ceremony, Kujeh Kah – QTV Marketing Manager, explained that QTV focuses on delivering programmes that informative, educational, entertaining, and intertwined with Gambian values in order to appeal to viewers and inspire change. As a result, this partnership with the BBC aligns with the QTV’s goals in this new broadcasting era. She also invited individuals, organizations, and institutions to partner with QTV as this offers them a wide reach and strong impact.

Steve Martin of the BBC remarked that while the two broadcasters were of different origins, both were committed to the same values of independence, creativity, quality and a focus on the needs of the audience it reaches. Currently the BBC reaches 122 million people within the continent of Africa weekly and is not only the biggest but also the most trusted international broadcaster. Consequently the BBC has a vested interest in ensuring that as many people as possible worldwide “have access to journalism they can trust from a place they can get it”.

Muhammed Jah, the Group’s Managing Director, expressed his delight at the partnership and stated, “As the Gambia’s first private TV channel, we’re thrilled to underline our independence and ambition for quality through our partnership with the BBC. Focus on Africa is a legendary programme in radio and TV and QTV viewers will love the daily opportunity to see the latest news and analyses from across Africa”.